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Lubbock, TX

Welcome to Lubbock P31 Fitness!

Join us and change your life! Listen to the one minute audio below!

June 22-26 and July 20-24

Register for June bootcamp by May 22nd and you will receive your tshirt on the first day.  Register after May 22nd and you will receive your tshirt during week 2 of bootcamp.  Bootcamp kick-off and evaluations are Saturday, June 6th from 7-8:30am at the Lubbock Christian High School football field (26th Street just west of Chicago Ave).


If you are interested in a P31 Fitness class in your area or another time, please complete the


Raymond and Laci Richardson are the owners of
the Lubbock and West Texas Area P31 Fitness.
They have two children:
Leah and Ryan
Please contact us!