A NEW "Weigh" this year

resolutions So….it’s that time of year again.  The time for resolutions, goals, new weight loss plans, and more.  What is YOUR plan?  Have you made this plan before and failed?  If you are like 99% of us, the answer would be yes.  And yet…we somehow think that THIS year will be different. So, we gear up again, make our goals, get new food lists, and try, try again.  Only to be frustrated in a few weeks for falling off the wagon yet again. Let me tell you something….you CAN stop this cycle. What if I told you that the real answer is to stop obsessing about the books on diets and new workout plans? What if I told you that you could finally STOP searching to find the newest “fix” for weight loss? What if I told you that you could stop spending SO MUCH TIME thinking about food, calories, diets, weight? Guess what?  YOU CAN!! And you can be FREE from this struggle!! How do I know?  I have personally experienced it and can relate!   Let me give you a little background here.  If you don’t know me, I am an obsessive person.  If I have a goal or something I think I should be doing, I do it 100%!  I strive, I try, I work, and I beat it to the ground.  So, in the area of nutrition, food, workout…I let it become something that was controlling my life.  I HAD to workout every day.  I HAD to write down everything I ate.  I HAD to workout extra hard if I had too much to eat.  I HAD to make goals and re-make them and re-make them.  I was OBSESSED.  You know what?  It didn’t get me anywhere but to a place of craziness and discontentment. Instead – It took me to a place of disordered thinking about health and disordered eating.  No one wants to be there!   I was heavier than I had ever been.  I was more unhealthy than I had ever been.   The one thing I was trying to get away from came at me with more force than I ever could have imagined. Because of all of my struggle, I had to come up with a NEW plan.  Something totally different.  I now follow this simple rule:  “Listen and Lose”. I created a workbook about this that is available for purchase on our online store:  http://shop.p31fitness.com/.  It is about listening to our body for hunger and fullness cues.  Listening to our emotions before eating.  I believe with all of my heart that this is the answer.  I want you to believe it too.  It WORKS and it is peaceful. Do I still struggle?  Yes!!  But am I in a better place?  Yes!   Am I more healthy than when I was thinking about all of that all the time?  YES!!!  I am free.   In life, that is what we all need to strive for…freedom.  Freedom in Christ, freedom in our lives, and freedom from the food, body and diet rules that surround us in society. This new year, I want to challenge us all to live in balance.  I want to challenge us to not get sucked into the newest diet.  I want to challenge us all to be aware of the time we are spending reading diet posts, challenges, researching and more. Don’t let your goal of being healthy become unhealthy. Let’s realize that our worth comes from WHO WE ARE and who God created us to be.-not the size of our clothes or the number on a scale. Take the time to find balance and freedom…..You are worth it! All Listen and Lose Tips Watch this 5 minute video from founder, Rachel Curtis to learn more!!    ]]>