First…put on your mask

Have you been on an airplane ride? You know how it goes – before the flight can take off – the stewardess stands in the front and walks you through the safety procedures.  From how to put on your seatbelt, to how to do the life vest, and finally she talks about the air mask. What do you notice about this part of the talk? What does she say?  “If you are traveling with a child, FIRST secure YOUR mask, and then assist the child”. Well as a mom – that always feels wrong.  When I hear that I think – no way!! I need to help them first!!   THEN I can help myself. We do that in our lives, don’t we?  Often we find that we feed our kids first before serving our own plate, we let them go before us, and in general, we take care of their needs first!  That’s just what we do.  And serving is something we enjoy! However, it is so very interesting to think about the air mask.   WHY should we do our mask first?  Here is the truth – if we don’t, and we end up not getting air and then there is no possible way we can then take care of those we love.  Without self preservation on that air plane first, we won’t be of any good to others. Yes, we should serve others, and yes we should look out for the needs of others.  We should be self-less and love with our whole heart, and find out others’ needs and help them, etc. But it is very tough to do that if we are not okay ourselves.  We can’t serve and love others well if we have no air.  We can’t be much good to those around us if we are grasping for our own breath. Truth! Have you ever been at a place where you have given and given, and you are just worn out?  And then what often happens at that point?  We don’t take care of ourselves.  We are too tired.  Again – I am not saying not to serve others.  I am not saying we should be selfish. A huge premise of P31 Fitness is that we need to take care of our selves as women, so that we can be the best for those in our lives.  We need to take care of all 4 parts of our health – yes, our physical by working out and eating healthy foods, but also our mental, emotional, and spiritual health.  I am sure we have all been in a place where we were emotionally unstable, or maybe our spiritual life wasn’t where we know it can be with the Lord.  Maybe we feel scattered mentally and unable to focus.  We have all been there.  And when we are at that point in our lives, we find it difficult to function, much less take care of others!!  We need to know this….. It is NOT selfish to take care of yourself ladies – in fact – it is selfish if we don’t.  When we are not operating at our optimal health – spiritual, mental, emotional and physical – we may also find ourselves struggling in taking care of those in our lives that we love. As a mother of 4 small kids, I get it.  Between the diapers, and sippy cups, and bedtime, and the awesome (and sometimes messy) things we get to do daily for our kids, you may think there just isn’t time in the day to also take care of ourselves.  However ladies…it is a must.  I know from my own experience, if I don’t find the things that bring me joy, and if I don’t take a few minutes to journal my thoughts, or go for a run, pray, or even just sit for a moment with my coffee – my day and my service to others looks different than when I do. Stop for a moment and think on this concept. Put on your mask.  Get some air. So, I encourage you today – to take some time to reflect, journal, rest, do healthy actions that allow you to be your best YOU. When you are at your best, you can serve best!! Put on that mask and get some air today – YOU are worth it!! Rachel Curtis Founder, P31 Fitness