Ouch! Cut in the knee!

About a week ago, my son cut open his knee on some of our farm equipment- a pretty deep cut.  He needed 8 stitches (with mama holding him down), and he has been on crutches to be sure he keeps his knee straight.  The cut was right where you bend your knee.  Ouch.  

Today – 
I took him outside to try to ride his bike.  He has been bending it slightly the past couple of days and so I wanted him to see if he could bend it enough to ride.  He started tearing up, not because of pain, but because of fear.  He didn’t want those stitches to rip out.  I held the bike and let him keep his leg straight for awhile.  Then I asked him to put his foot on the other pedal and just see how it felt going around.  He fought me, didn’t want to, begged me to keep holding the bike for him.  I did for a few rounds, but then I told him this was something he NEEDED to do and he COULD do and that his leg was READY to handle.   He just needed to trust me and hear reassurance that it was going to be okay. 

Then I let go.   Guess what?  He rode and rode and rode.  He smiled, he got his confidence, and then he said, “Mom, it doesn’t hurt!”.  Victory.  I stood by, supporting him all the way, and smiled – BIG.  

Was it fun for me to “MAKE” him go through this experience today?  Was it fun for me to push him beyond his comfort level?  Was it fun for me to see him upset?  NO!!  But I knew that was what was BEST for him.   I knew that if I didn’t push him – he wouldn’t do it on his own (at least not for while.)  

That is what I sometimes feel happens with God and us in the tough things we face in life.  Sometimes we are presented with things that push and challenge us to become our very BEST.  God gives us the tools we need, and then He loves to watch as we soar and ride WITH THOSE TOOLS.  He loves to support us as we live out our lives to glorify HIM!  

Sometimes things in our lives may cause us to:

  • be uncomfortable
  • we may have fear
  • sometimes we may want to quit
  • sometimes we may not understand what is happening or why.  And that’s okay.   

Our job is to trust God, His, leadership, His vision,  and have fait to move forward in our lives.  Through tough times and obstacles,  to achieve goals even when satan tells us otherwise.   Believe that the results will always be worth the effort and work it takes.  

No matter where we are today or what we may feel – we are FREE to Ride that bike.   We have been given the tools we need!   We need to trust the challenges that are put in front of us,  give our VERY best as if working for the Lord….and not for man.  And we can trust that God will continue to support us and cheer us  on…that is what he loves to do! 

Just as with my son and I, I fully believe that God will always be here standing by, supporting us, and smiling BIG as we all work and live for the glory of Him!