You can't out-exercise your food choices

You know why many people fail at weight loss or at their goals of getting into shape?  It is not for lack of knowledge, will-power, or ability.  Instead, I believe it is for two reasons:

  1. Not acknowledging our emotional connection to food
  2. Trying to out-exercise your food choices
1. Let’s attack the emotional connection with food first.  Let’s admit…The moment we tell ourselves we can’t have some food…chocolate for instance…guess what we want?  CHOCOLATE and lots of it…  You know why?  Our brain works this way.  When we tell ourselves we can’t have something – that is EXACTLY what we want! Then…after eating it – have you ever felt the MEGA guilt from eating chocolate?  Maybe a better question to ask is who hasn’t felt that? The food itself is not typically the real issue with our weight.  Instead, emotions are normally the issue with our weight.  I would say that most of us that struggle with our weight have a good knowledge of what to eat or not eat.   The problem is not the food.  The problem is how we see the food and USE the food. Are we using the food to fill a need?  Are we using the food to numb ourselves?  Are we using the food to appear one way or another?  Maybe if we start to take note of our heart condition and really think about why we are eating or not eating foods, we will find much more freedom.   Maybe if we will deal with what we are feeling instead of using food to fix our issues, we will be able to detach from that emotional connection we all can easily get with food. Amidst my own struggles, I had to find a new way.   I had tried every diet plan out there.  None of it worked.  Finally when I started to look at my emotions as they tied in with food, my eyes were opened as to why I ate when I was lonely, bored, stressed, tired, you name it!  I found freedom when I put those two together! I don’t claim to have it all figured out. However, I do know the freedom that can come when we let go of all of these food rules, expectations, and pressures.  The freedom that brought to me developing the Listen and Lose System.  The freedom that allows me to eat a piece of chocolate and not have the complete guilt meltdown.  The freedom that says I can eat normally, and not in conjunction with my emotions.   When our hearts and our emotions are healthy, our body will follow.     2. Secondly – we need to stop thinking that we can out-exercise our food choices.  It is time we separate the two.  We should workout because of how it makes us feel.  We should make good food choices because of how it makes us feel. When we eat “bad” and then think we need to go workout – that is bondage.  That is making exercise a punishment.  As simple as this sounds, this change of thinking can truly take us down a new path.  Focus on each one independently and you will find the answers to many of your health struggles!! It is time that we all need to realize something very important in regards to our health and nutrition:  It is not the treats or the extremes, but the everyday habits that make our lives. This is a powerful statement because we tend to focus on extremes and beat ourselves up over the extra circumstances, when it is really about the day in and day out way that we live.  Are we making good choices most of the time?  Are we doing better today than yesterday? Are we experiencing true FREEDOM as God has given to us each day? I have dedicated my life to helping women understand their worth is not tied to a number on the scale or a dress size.  Instead, worth is tied to their inner self.  Our outer self, weight, self-esteem, is all based on how we feel about ourself on the inside.  What we feel about ourselves shows on the outside.  Every time. So, I ask this question:  Do you love yourself?  Do you feel that you are WORTH IT?  God tells us every day that we are worth it  – and it is our job to believe that with our whole heart. Image And He always speaks truth.  –Written by Rachel Curtis Founder, P31 Fitness]]>